The real problems with hospitals and rising medical costs.

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It’s hard to shop around during an acute medical emergency, and most facilities know that.  Choosing to drive 30 minutes could save you thousands of dollars, some of the practices these people use should be against the law.  Their are standards of care that I must follow, and fee structures I also must follow.  How can they get away with robbery?  There is a huge number of bankruptsy cases due to medical bills.  Its really sad, to lose a loved one, and your home…YOU CAN’T AFFORD TO GET SICK!!!!!!  It’s all about prevention and living WELL!  Chiropractic makes our bodies function better, which helps us avoid DIS-EASE. Before you have a DISEASE,  you show signs of DIS-EASE!  If you have a heart attack on Thursday, were you healthy Monday?  Just because you don’t have symptoms, doesn’t mean you aren’t living with DIS-EASE. Wellness is the opposite of dis-ease.  When you are living well, your body is at EASE.  Doesn’t that sound better than waiting on pills, potions, and lotions that mask your symptoms?  We spend a lot of time and money on SICK CARE, we missed the boat at that point.  Don’t wait until you have disease to try to live well. Live well and you will have an excess of ease, let’s make life easier on our bodies!


Dr. Derek Stratton  DC

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