Sugar consumption is becoming a serious problem in the US…

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Sugar consumption is becoming a serious problem in the US, but does that mean the government should get involved?  I do not support government intervention in our lives, but the rise of obesity in America is a serious problem.  There are studies that show that obesity is as dangerous for your health as cigarette smoking.  You pay more for health and life insurance if you are a smoker, so should you pay higher insurance costs if you are obese?   The government  plans on putting images of lung cancer, etc. on cigarette packaging in the future to discourage smoking.  What’s next, images of obese people on donuts and cheese puffs?

I do believe the government is responsible for providing accurate and truthful information on nutrition.  We are almost 100% reactive to healthcare in this country, honestly this is Sickcare.  Being PROACTIVE is the soulution that we so desperately need.   Lifestyle changes including exercise and diet are examples of being proactive.  Unfortunately there is more money to be made with the reactive approach, so no one talks about prevention.  There’s an old saying, ” One ounce of prevention is worth a pound of the cure.”  But today it seems like “they” would rather just make more money selling a pound of the cure, because “they” have become profit driven, and not patient driven. 

We should also see to it that physical education is a major part of our K-12 public eduction.  With the childhood obesity rates rising each year, your child has a better chance of being killed by their lunch, than a terrorist.  It will be interesting to see what direction we take in the early part of this millenium.  With the rising Sickcare costs, your best option is Wellness care!

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