Free Health Class!!
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Start the new year off right by attending our free 30 minute health class.  1st Wednesday each month at the Destrehan library. 2nd Monday each month at the Paradis library.  (Cancelled on January 9 due to LSU game) Geaux Tigers!!! This powerful presentation starts at 7:00pm, bring a friend!! or two!!

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Modern Medicine about to release a new drug of abuse…
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Here is the link: The war on drugs has been a failure according to most experts.  Not only are we seeing a higher number of recreational drug users in America using "street" drugs such as cocaine and heroin, but we are also seeing a growing  number of people abusing prescription medicine.  The FDA has decided to get a bigger piece of the pie by creating new narcotic drugs for us, apparently the war on drugs takes a back seat to corporate profits.  It would be ...

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Syndrome X
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Syndrome X   Metabolic disease or Syndrome X has been studied by doctors for around 50 years now.  Surprisingly not many people are familiar with it by name, even though it is becoming very prevalent.  Currently there are estimates of greater than 25% of the American population with this syndrome.  It consists of several risk factors that have been proven to raise your chances of developing one or more of the following conditions:   Diabetes Atherosclerosis Hypertension Stroke   These are the World Health Organizations risk factors associated with Syndrome X:   Insulin resistance, impaired fasting ...

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Puppy Power!
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For a lot of people, just holding a puppy can put a smile on your face!  I am one of those people.  I find that a wet nose pressing and sniffing on you can stop most tears, and you are always perfect in their eyes!  The unconditional love that I receive from dogs raises my mood no matter what has got me down.  This is Jax!  He is a 8 weeks old and extremely huggable!

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Pizza is now Health Food!
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Here is the Link: There is a lot of resistance out there when it comes to changing  the way we eat.  When a school tries to change their menu often kids don't want to eat the healthier items.  With childhood obesity rates rising every year, a lot of schools are being pressured to put healthier items such as fresh fruit or veggies on their plates.  So in order to keep the kids happy and follow the  new guidelines they are changing the rules:  Pizza is ...

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Winning Team!!!
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  We are proud to announce that 3 of DNA Chiropractic's patients swept the Bridge Run!!!!  Claire, Nathan, and Monique Hodson won 1st place titles in each of their age groups! They have been under Chiropractic care for the past several years and are reaping the benefits of optimal function! Congratulations Hodsons!!!!!! You are truly an inspiration to us!!!!  

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