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  The Truth about Antioxidants   Have you ever wondered why after a couple of years your new car isn’t so new?  The paint is not as shiny, the interior has become wrinkled, and the dashboard is cracking!  Why does this happen?  The answer is oxidation.  Oxidation is a chemical reaction that transfers electrons from one substance to another.  This produces a molecule with an electrical charge called a Free Radical.  In the body these free radicals can start chain reactions that cause damage to cells.  This cell ...

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Ooops! Drug Mistake!
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Here is the link: If you ever take medicine and get unusual feelings or side effects STOP IMMEDIATELY!  Bring your remaining pills to your pharmacist for verification.

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Weight Loss Truths
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Here is the link: Simple rule:  Burn more Calories than you take in and you will lose weight.  That simple.  Your body has to steal energy from your fat reserves when you eat fewer Calories than you burn.  We recommend eating a diet full of fruits and vegetables, especially when trying to lose weight.  Raw veggies keep more of their nutrients than cooked veggies.  Organic choices are also supposed to have more nutrients.

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